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GIA Certificate Diamond

  • All Diamonds will come with GIA certificate, which can be a guideline easily estimates your diamond using 4Cs. GIA is the Non-profit Gemology builds 4C. Other Gemology their Certificate all similar to GIA grading standards. Want to know more. GIA Report?

  • GIA girgle number

  • Each GIA diamond will has its own, unique number on diamond girdle. The store has precision instruments that allow every guest to see the number on the GIA 's waist to ensure that the diamonds they watch are the same as those on the certificate.Guests can also go up anytime GIA official website , View the diamond information.

  • Diamond test pen

  • Diamond test pen, used to distinguish diamonds and other precious stones. Diamond pen test, through the speed of their cooling speed, respectively, the principle, Diamonds are the fastest of many gems because of their compact carbon structure. Diamond & Moissanite Testers

  • To Hong Kong GIA review

  • If you eventually want to go through a third party, check the diamond again. You can choose to GIA diamond sent to Hong Kong GIA, to re-check the consistency of the diamond with the certificate.Review time about: 1-2 weeks The cost of the diamond is paid directly to GIA
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