Diamonds can have many different shapes, each a diamond shape has its own unique properties.


  • Asscher is pondering the step-type pattern crafted and corner cutting bit. For this position the cutting edges, Asscher cut diamond looks at first glance looks like most of them are presented octagonal they the appearance is bright, shining and transparent as if emerald shaped diamond, they have similar glacial melt water clarity can allow viewers to watch from the perspective of all diamonds.

  • Round diamond ring marry is now temporarily the most popular styles. Its cone shape design is the most efficient way to light refracted out through the top via a diamond. It also includes a cutting surface 58 faces, 33 of the crown surface and the bottom surface 25. relations crown angle and bottom are matched. steep crown angle and produce complementary angle bottom, and vice versa.

  • Pillow-shaped cut diamonds are classic cutting method, which represents the ancient classical and romantic because it is a mixture of ancient and modern style old miner oval cut, rather old miner cut style in the 19th century before the arrival of the 20th Century First the most popular way of cutting that cut out diamonds, featuring a larger facets and rounded corners, the larger facets to increase the clarity and brilliance of a diamond.

  • Square staircase cut diamonds are very popular, because it was previously only used to cut emerald body, the shape of the diamond is particularly bright, with large diamond surface, thereby visually highlights the clarity of a diamond, from the front view, like glacier ice as transparent bright, attractive.

  • Heart-shaped diamond is the most romantic of all styles, because the heart represents love, heart-shaped diamond symbolizes love. But cutting is technically very difficult, because about heart-shaped Regardless of the shape and size must be exactly the same and symmetrical, heart-shaped size is very difficult, so they are very valuable. And less than 0.5 carat diamond design are not recommended heart-shaped diamond, because compared to other shapes, will be relatively small visual.

  • Marquise diamond is elongated with reference to the ship to cut out, it is now one of the most fashionable cut, because the shape of the diamond is very precious and rare, this style of diamond color and clarity requirements are very high, although Marquise diamond cut round diamonds similar, but the design of the ship to the highest carat weight, so the diamond look bigger in appearance, while flawed diamonds in the shape Marquise also glance.

  • If you want to find more special than circular, elliptical would be a good choice, oval diamonds are also very popular because a similar oval and round, and oval-shaped diamond elongated design, so that the wearer looks more elegant and more slender fingers.

  • Pear-shaped diamond style is relatively rare, single tip with a circular cutting edge, like the shape of a drop of water, and therefore also known as teardrop-shaped, and round, like, 58 surface design, visual brightness and round shape similar, but more impressive than round.

  • Is the square princess cut diamond Fu system, this diamond shape is very suitable as an engagement ring, beautiful princess cut diamond engagement rings make look more attractive and exotic, Princess decided to pay attention to this diamond shape is flawed relatively easy to accept, and to ensure the protection of the wearer’s finger design, because the princess was shaped, pointed corners.

  • Well-shaped diamond mine and was broken Fu system, a collection of elegant and stylish rectangular and rectangular and round brilliance from the first shape, the cut is circular and includes Emerald cutting technology, fashionable and first in 1977.
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