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The origin of carat

"Carat" is derived from the ancient method of measuring the weight of precious metals and gems.
Because the weight of early diamonds was measured from a seed called "carob" (carob), the seeds of this plant were used for weighing (the weight of this carob seed is surprisingly consistent, with a weight of more than 200 milligrams).

Carat diamond weight

"Carat" is the international unit of measurement of diamond weight. "English is "Carat", usually abbreviated as "ct".The weight of a carat of diamonds is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams of diamonds. One carat can be subdivided into 100 points for calculation of smaller diamonds; therefore, a 30-point diamond is 0.3 carat, and a 50-point diamond is 0.5 carat, calculated to two decimal places.

1 carat 0.2 grams 1 carat 200 milograms 1 carat 1/142 ouce 1 carat 100 points

Certificate diamond weight

Carat weight is one of the 4C standards for diamonds. Diamond weight is the biggest factor in determining the value of a diamond. The larger the weight of diamonds of the same quality, the more precious it is. Because the rough diamonds used are larger and rarer in the market, generally investment diamonds are based on more than one card.

Carat Weight: 1.80 carat

Diameter estimated weight

6 things about diamond weight

  • Proposal ring diamond weight size selection

    Generally, the mainstream engagement ring diamond is 1ct, which has a beautiful meaning of one mind. Since large-calorie diamonds have higher market value, diamonds larger than 1 card can be selected as engagement rings. In addition, you can also choose different sizes of diamonds according to your personal budget. The 0.50-0.90ct diamonds can be designed as a broken diamond style, which can make the overall ring bigger.

  • Ladies’ priorities

    When shopping for diamond jewelry, since the size is the easiest to observe with the naked eye, women will give priority to diamond weight. Secondly, the color and clarity can be selected at a moderate level, and the cut is best to show the best fire color and high refraction by 3EX, which is the most cost-effective.

  • Visual effects of different weights of diamonds

    Women with fine fingers don’t have to worry about not being able to handle diamonds of more than 1ct, as long as you choose a style with a fine ring arm and a sharpening effect, 2ct can look good! If your budget permits, you may wish to try a different carat size when choosing a diamond size. Look at the diamond in your hand.

  • High-carat diamonds are more valuable

    These large rough diamonds are more difficult to find, so diamonds with high carat numbers are more rare in the market, and the prices are higher and more valuable. Therefore, the relationship between high carat number and price depends on the rarity and demand of the market.

  • "Carat" represents the weight of the diamond, not the size

    In addition to paying attention to the weight of the diamond when buying diamonds, you can also pay attention to the Measurements column on the certificate, where the actual diameter of the diamond is displayed. Because of the same carat weight of diamonds, the actual diameter may vary depending on the cutting ratio. But don't blindly pursue the maximum diameter of the same carat weight, because the most important thing for a diamond is to have a good cut ratio to show brightness and fire.

  • The actual size of diamonds of different shapes of the same carat number is different

    In addition to round diamonds, other shapes of diamonds are called special-shaped diamonds. The actual diameter of diamonds of different shapes with the same carat weight will be different. Some diamonds with the same carat shape will be smaller than round diamonds, and some will be significantly larger than round diamonds. Therefore, when purchasing special-shaped diamonds, you need to refer to the size described in the certificate.

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