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01 Quality Guarantee

GIA Certificate Diamond

All Diamonds will come with GIA certificate, which can be a guideline easily estimates your diamond using 4Cs. GIA is the Non-profit Gemology builds 4C. Other Gemology their Certificate all similar to GIA grading standards. Want to know more. GIA Report?

GIA girgle number

Each GIA diamond will has its own, unique number on diamond girdle. The store has precision instruments that allow every guest to see the number on the GIA 's waist to ensure that the diamonds they watch are the same as those on the certificate.Guests can also go up anytime GIA official website , View the diamond information.

Diamond test pen

Diamond test pen, used to distinguish diamonds and other precious stones. Diamond pen test, through the speed of their cooling speed, respectively, the principle, Diamonds are the fastest of many gems because of their compact carbon structure. Diamond & Moissanite Testers

To Hong Kong GIA review

If you eventually want to go through a third party, check the diamond again. You can choose to GIA diamond sent to Hong Kong GIA, to re-check the consistency of the diamond with the certificate.Review time about: 1-2 weeks The cost of the diamond is paid directly to GIA

02 Satification Insurence

  • Engagement ring light box

    All diamond rings will be attached to the light box for free. When the light box is open, the diamond will be more glittering and striking under the spotlight effect.

  • Resizing

    Planning to send a diamond ring as surpirsing gift, but having no idea the exact ring size of your lovers? No worries, we understand your concern and the mounting fee HK$500* already includes 1 free ring resizing services!

  • Engraving

    You may create an unique gift and memories for your beloved by adding your words on the ring. The mounting fee HK$500* already includes 1 engraving service!

  • Permanent maintenance

    All of the diamond jewelry we sell are high quality and high quality control, and every item we provide to our guests is of good quality. We will provide permanent free product inspection services, ultrasonic cleaning services, customers are welcome to visit our stores at any time. Guests can also use a soft toothbrush and neutral detergent to clean themselves, in order to keep the new shiny jewelry. If the product is damaged as a result of wearing time, we also promise that it will be repaired only for the guests at cost.

  • Diamond upgrade

    We understand that guests will have the chance to upgrade their diamonds in the future. Therefore, we have set up a GIA certificate diamond exchange upgrade. Guests only need to wear the GIA certificate (good condition), GIA certificate and our original documents. At 180 Days can enjoy 20% replacement upgrade offer. The upgraded diamonds only need to be repurchased with diamonds.

03 British qualified professional qualifications

Having Professional Gemologists, Pete And Winnie thier assist, every customer must be able to choose a perfect diamond for their lover.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) was created to represent the interests of jewellers for a new industrial age. This helped protect them from potential harm in the market place, and also allowed jewellers to educate each other about developments in their trade.

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Please choose few more diamonds, compare them all at the same time. If you do not know how to choose, you also can contact us.
*PS*Before arrive, you can inquire via WHATSAPP: to see what diamonds in shop, what you can choose.

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GIA certificate
360 degree HD video
2000+ finished product
Lifetime maintenance

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