Buy diamond | procedure

First buy diamonds, then buy the ring style

First choose to see the diamond::

The online purchase process is as follows

First select the desired diamond shape on the website loose diamond category. For example, after selecting the most popular round diamond, you can choose different combinations of diamonds according to your personal budget, such as carat, color, clarity, cutting, etc. When the loose diamonds are set, you can press the appointment, and then we will contact you about the deposit payment method for the diamonds you have set.

After confirming the diamond and ring style, we will first charge 20% of the total amount as a deposit. When the deposit is paid, we will arrange to ship the diamond from abroad to Hong Kong.

If you can not find your favorite diamonds online, please contact us at Ting Diamond. We will be able to find you the diamonds you want~ Please contact us in advance for Ting Diamond to make an appointment~ We will reserve the time you want for the guests. Carefully selected.

Frequently ask:

So you can not make an appointment?

No problem, the store also stock, to choose from. If you want to check the relevant stock, you can check us.

  • After you choose the diamond in the shop, check the certificate and diamond information, you can choose to pay directly to the full, buy diamonds.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to go directly to GIA for diamond identification. We may ask GIA for review, but GIA will charge a fee which needs to be paid by the buyer.
  • GIA

    Choose On Stock Engagaement Ring

    The store has a ring ring care, to choose from.

    Custom made wedding ring

  • Guests also have the option to "make a bridal ring" for a minimum of 3-4 weeks.
  • Guests can draw their own hand-painted pattern to us, the factory will use 3D software to play mold.
  • ** do not put away the mold fee **

  • After determining the design, it will be a real wax model. Finally, let guests reconfirm before making 18K gold.
  • Ring inlaid | ring lettering

  • Local workshop inlaid, time takes about 2-3 days. If the urgent urgency, we must try to give us in the morning, to approve the workshop, to be sure.
  • Inlaid will also provide free lettering
  • Free Engrave

    Guarantee Satisfaction

  • *If you only buy loose diamonds, you can choose to pay by cash, Visa, Master, bank transfer, WeChat payment or Alipay by testing the diamond pen test and coding the GIA laser on the diamond waist.
  • It takes four to five days to order a diamond to be shipped from Hong Kong to a foreign country. It usually takes 2-3 days for a single diamond to be set up. When taking a ring, we also use a diamond pen to test the diamond and encode the GIA laser on the diamond waist. After checking the ring is satisfied, then pay the balance. Only pay the balance.
  • Guarantee Satisfaction