When choosing a diamond, it is best to choose a diamond with a certificate, diamond grinding affect the ability of light into and out of the diamond. In the integrated diamond brightness, is a very important factor.


  • Polished diamond affects the ability of light out of the diamond. The integration of brightness in the diamond, is a very very important factor. When choosing a diamond, the best option there is a certificate diamonds are polished with a good (good), very good (very good) or Excellent (excellent). Difference polished diamonds will seriously reduce its brightness, they fine polish line will make the diamond surface fuzzy, thus directly affects the light out. Polished diamonds are poor because workers served not polished enough time in order to save costs.
  • EX or E – Excellent (excellent), at 10 times magnification flawless
  • VG or VGD – very good (very good), very difficult under 10 times magnification positioning
  • GD, GO, G – good (good), very difficult under 10 times magnification to see
  • F, FR, FA – fair (fair), at 10 times magnification of attention
  • PR, PO, P – poor (poor), it is easy to see at 10X magnification / visible to the naked eye
  • VP, VE – very poor (very poor), relatively easy to see with the naked eye
  • EX or EP – extremely poor (extremely poor), apparent to the naked eye
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