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獲 香 港 認 可 處 認 可 的 硬 玉 質 翡 翠 或 鑽 石 測 試 實 驗 所

下 表 載 列 截 至 2 0 1 5 年 1 月 獲 香 港 認 可 處 認 可 能 夠 提 供 硬 玉 質 翡 翠 或 鑽 石 測 試 的 實 驗 所 名 單 :

測 試 實 驗 所
聯 絡 電 話 號 碼
亞 洲 寶 石 學 院 及 鑑 定 所 有 限 公 司 2723 0429
中 藝 ( 香 港 ) 寶 石 鑑 定 所 有 限 公 司 2839 1888
中 華 珠 寶 鑑 定 中 心 有 限 公 司 2308 1218
周 大 福 珠 寶 金 行 有 限 公 司 – 周 大 福 翡 翠 鑑 證 中 心 2610 8168
香 港 寶 石 鑑 定 所 有 限 公 司 2815 1880
香 港 玉 石 鑑 定 中 心 有 限 公 司 2388 9688
珠 寶 業 鑑 定 有 限 公 司 2545 8848
國 檢 珠 寶 實 驗 室 ( 香 港 ) 有 限 公 司 2121 8517

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電話:+852 3166 7000
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Ting Diamond | Diamond Jewelry and Jewelry (more than one hundred thousand GIA Hong Kong diamond prices, diamond rings, engagement rings, engagement rings, wedding rings)-Hong Kong genuine trademark merchants, all diamonds have been certified by GIA, searching for the world most cost-effective diamonds Guests find the best diamonds. Products include: wedding ring, engagement ring, diamond ring, engagement ring, ring, wedding ring, middle finger, pair ring, diamond ring, wedding pair ring, wedding pion, bracelet, heart and arrow gia diamond, the first to buy diamond The first consideration is personal needs. According to your budget, buy a diamond that fits your budget and suits you. The price of a diamond reflects the quality of that diamond. Because of the difference in 4CS, even if the weight of the diamond is the same, the diamond grade is different, the price difference is double or several times different, and some customers do not understand why a weight is a card. , The color is the same, D color, clarity jumps from SI2 to VS1, the price difference may be doubled, ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 to 60,000. Diamond clarity is also a comparison to consider before buying Important factors, first of all, when we buy diamonds, we must choose naked-eye clean diamonds, and the clarity level of naked-eye clean diamonds with a weight of less than 1 card is more assured. The purchase is set at SI1 or above, and the weight of 1.5 or 2 cards should be set when you buy with confidence. At VS2 or above. All of the above can be purchased directly online, and the clarity of SI2 must be careful before buying each diamond after reading it.

The second point to consider is the shape. Different guests have different preferences, and the selected shape will be different. The diamond shapes are: the classic representative and the most popular in the market are the round loose diamonds, because the round shape is this type. With excellent cutting, symmetrical and polished ratios, light can be refracted to create perfect sparkle and fire effects. All diamonds are round and have cutting grades, cutting and eight hearts and eight arrows. To see the pattern of hearts and arrows, you must use a loose round diamond and a hearted quiver to see that the face of the diamond is a round case of eight arrows and the bottom of the diamond is 8 hearts. This is a special place that other variegated diamonds do not have, except for round loose diamonds. In recent years, there has also been a trend of fancy cut diamonds, commonly known as variegated diamonds, especially heart-shaped diamonds. Welcome, the heart shape represents romance and love. And the princess square shape represents generosity and elegance, as well as emerald, upper square, cushion, oval, marquise, radiant, and pear shapes. After deciding on the shape, we need to decide what certificate of diamonds, the most popular, authoritative, and most credible certificate in the market is the certificate issued by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

If you choose colored diamonds, there are also: colored diamonds | colored diamonds, red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, brown, green, gray, blue, black, and the most popular and valuable colored diamond on the market is red And pink, and one-third of the diamonds in the world have fluorescence reaction, what is fluorescence reaction, Diamond Fluorescence, many customers will not choose when they hear that 4CS perfect diamond has fluorescence reaction, but fluorescence reaction is just There are some light-causing trace elements in the atomic structure of diamonds, the common ones are boron and nitrogen. The diamonds that have fluorescence reaction on the Internet are most likely to be milky diamonds, but the GIA laboratory has performed the fluorescent diamonds. Diamond analysis and research have found that fluorescence and milk diamonds are not directly related, and it does not mean that there is no fluorescence. Diamonds with Fluorescence none have no milk diamonds. The fluorescence reaction can be divided into the following five levels 1. None (no fluorescence) 2. Faint (microfluorescence) 3. Medium (medium fluorescent) 4. Strong (strong fluorescence) 5. Very Strong (very strong fluorescent)

Once you have decided on the diamond, you can start to choose the engagement ring/engagement ring. In addition to the style selection provided by our store, guests can also order their own unique styles, and study what they want with our designers The styles will be unique and representative. We will have designer manuscripts and electronic manuscripts to return customers as a souvenir. The styles of ring settings are: single diamond ring setting, auxiliary diamond ring setting, circle diamond ring setting Wait, circle diamond ring holder